We All Start Somewhere

Whether you are an advanced athlete who has been training for years, or someone who has never really focused on a fitness and nutrition journey, we all start somewhere. We want to help you become the most healthy version of yourself, in ways that make you feel good, and feel empowered.

There Are No Limits to What We Can Do.

Taking the first steps to start this process may seem hard, and we get it. Starting out, I know that I have had numerous ups and downs, and times when I felt like my journey with fitness and my relationship with food were never going to get better.

I promise you that they will.

Especially for our postpartum mamas, it is difficult to get adjusted to the way that your body works after you have a baby. That is where we come in to help. Remember, we ALWAYS think you look good, so we aren’t here to tell you anything different.

Our goals are to help you feel great about the body that you’re in. We want you to eat.

We want you to feel good when you exercise,

We want you to have energy when you workout and throughout the day.

Most of all, we want you to feel comfortable in the body that you are in, and LOVE that body regardless of shape or size. It’s ALL a snack:)

What We Need From You

We want you to trust that we have your best interest at heart. In starting this journey, it is important that we have your dedication, just like you have ours.

We are fully committing to being in this with you and alongside you, and providing the best fitness and nutrition coaching that we can offer.

-Jo and Niesh

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