Is Whole 30 Worth It?

Follow up… Is Whole 30 worth it? *TMI: might talk about bowel movements ?*

I just finished up 30 days of a pretty restrictive diet. (Check out my start post here) Main things were no alcohol, dairy, gluten, sugar, and processed foods. It wasn’t necessarily hard, but sometimes I just wanted some sriracha (yes, it has sugar). 

Follow Up: Is Whole 30 Worth It

Some of the benefits that Whole 30 is said to produce according to their website include decreased bloating, getting a hold on gut health, helping to locate a food allergy,  and managing food cravings that seem to be uncontrollable.

Sound like anything you need help with? Here are some of the things that I found after doing it for a month.

It has taught me to become much more aware of my foods (always read labels!), and honestly, that maybe I’m better off without some of the things I used to eat. Bye dairy!

Lastly, I lost weight! This was by no means for weight loss reasons, but I wasn’t exactly angry seeing the scale go down. I guess I didn’t realize just how bloated I was until it was gone?

All in all, I felt amazing. I slept better, I felt A LOT less bloated, and my trips to the toilet were much more regular.

I don’t exactly recommend people doing highly restrictive diets, but if your gut has been acting up, this one could really help!

There is a time and a place for changing up your diet or putting certain restrictions into place. Over restricting yourself for long periods of time can not only effect your health, but also your mentality towards food.

It was worth it for me to be able pinpoint what food groups were messing with my gut, so that I am able either remove those completely or monitor my intake of them more closely.


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