Healthy Recipe Websites: Why Does Healthy Equal Low Carb?

The other day, I was searching on the internet trying to find healthy recipes that can be shareable for a group. The one thing that I kept noticing at the top of the searches were healthy recipe websites promoting mainly keto or low-to-no carb recipes.

This is really frustrating for myself as a nutrition coach, and for someone who has come from a really negative and poor mindset around food and diet culture.

Healthy Recipe Websites: Why Does Healthy Equal Low Carb?

Let me preface this vent session by saying that there is a time and a place for low carb nutrition plans. There are reasons why some people need to do keto, there is a reason why cutting carbs are introduced, and some recipes that are “low carb” can be healthy.


This is not the case all of the time. Typically, lower carb recipes are higher in fat. Sometimes the protein is higher, sometimes it’s less, but when looking at macros, fat and carbs usually fluctuate together. When things claim to be “lower fat”, it’s because sugar or something like that is added. If something isn’t listed with a higher fat percentage, the carbohydrate count is lower. Higher fat content does not equate to healthy.

The most frustrating thing to me is that it was page after page after page of low-carb recipes all stating that they were “healthy”.

“Healthy” is obviously subjective based on what your nutritional needs are, but there is a non-subjective definition of what is necessary for healthy based off of macro and micro nutrients and the things your body needs.

Ranking internet searches where carbs are constantly views as “bad” or “unhealthy” is a really toxic view of nutritional needs and diet culture. Carbohydrate are an essential part of your energy, your ability to function mentally throughout the day, fuel for workouts, and so much more.

What is one thing that you didn’t know about different types of diets (i.e. low-carb, keto, paleo, etc…) that you were surprised to find out about? Is there a reason that you head towards trendy diets versus working with a coach?

Let us help:)


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