In addition to Personal Training online or in-person on a one-on-one basis, our business offers nutrition coaching and programming as well. We know that working out helps to improve your health, but we also fully believe that your health and your diet are one and the same.

Joanna is our nutrition coach. She is a mom to four littles and is a certified Precision Nutrition Coach.

Nutrition Coaching Benefits

  • We create personalized nutrition plans with our clients based on multiple factors including:

    • Your goals

    • Your current dietary needs and habits

    • Your body measurements

  • We are in contact with you often, and because of that we can easily change your plan or switch things around when needed.

  • Accountability… remember the “we are in contact with you often” from above? This also allows us to keep you on track with your goals!

  • Goals: The purpose of nutrition coaching is to help you have a better relationship with food, and to eat for your goals. Whether that be athletic performance, strength gain, overall health, or weight loss… and everything in between, nutrition coaching can help with that.

nutrition coaching benefits

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