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Training Programs

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Snack Size Package

3 month trail for both nutrition and personal training
  • 12 week training program
  • 3 month nutrition program
  • Includes everything we offer to give you a short and sweet taste of what training with us is like before moving forward.
  • Give us 3 full months of effort, and we can show you changes in your health and fitness


The starter packaged for after you have done your one month trial, and want to continue with us.
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  • Monthly Nutrition Programming W/ weekly communication
  • 3 Days of training sessions
  • Meal Ideas
  • Weekly Personal Training Check-Ins

A Whole Meal

Everything in our individual training and nutrion plans, plus advanced options, more material, and more frequent one-on-one guidance.
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  • Virtual Or In-person Training
  • Choice of 3-5 training sessions a week
  • Meal Plan Ideas + Grocery Shopping List
  • Daily Nutrition Check-ins
  • Recurring Plan for More Results

We offer individual packages for personal training and nutrition coaching as well. 


Our personal training packages start at $75 a month, are the same offerings as the mid and high level packages we offer jointly. 

These only include personal training, and not nutrition. 

We also offer individual training sessions, beginning at $50 per session. 

Our nutrition programing has two levels, beginner and advanced. They start at $75 per month, and include the same options from our combination packages. 

These only focus on nutrition coaching and programming. 

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